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Commercial Services


A full range of commercial electrical services

Lighting Retrofits

Commercial lighting retrofits involve upgrading existing lighting systems in commercial spaces to more energy-efficient options, resulting in reduced energy consumption, cost savings, improved lighting quality, and environmental sustainability.

Lighting Layout and Design Build

Commercial lighting layout and design build services encompass the process of strategically planning, designing, and implementing customized lighting solutions for commercial spaces to optimize functionality, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and compliance with lighting regulations.

Complete Rewires

Commercial complete rewires involve the comprehensive replacement and upgrade of all electrical wiring systems in commercial buildings to ensure safety, compliance, and efficient electrical functionality throughout the entire premises.

Full Commercial Fit Ups

Commercial full fit-ups refer to the comprehensive process of renovating or transforming commercial spaces, including the installation of electrical systems, lighting, fixtures, and other necessary elements, to create a fully functional and customized environment that meets the specific needs and requirements of the business.

New Service Entrance

Commercial new service entrance refers to the installation of a new electrical service connection and infrastructure from the utility provider to a commercial building, ensuring a safe and reliable power supply to meet the electrical demands of the facility.

Leasehold Improvements

Commercial electrical leasehold improvements involve making electrical modifications, installations, and upgrades to a leased commercial space to meet the specific needs and requirements of the tenant, enhancing functionality, safety, and efficiency within the premises.

Voice, Data and Cable Lines

Commercial voice, data, and cable lines encompass the installation, configuration, and maintenance of communication infrastructure, including telephone lines, data networks, and cable connections, to facilitate reliable and efficient connectivity for businesses and their operational needs.

Whole System Surge Protection

Commercial whole system surge protection involves the installation of specialized devices and equipment to safeguard the entire electrical system of a commercial building against power surges and voltage spikes, providing comprehensive protection for sensitive equipment, minimizing downtime, and preventing costly damages.